metrica is committed to realizing a full spectrum of design styles and directions. We combine traditional hand craftsmanship with cutting-edge fabrication capabilities to produce extraordinary furniture and millwork. We offer the broadest range of services and can build most anything you can imagine.


Project Management

Clients bring complex projects to metrica that require coordination across a broad spectrum of stakeholders. We have cultivated an inspired project management team, with the proper knowledge, experience and resources to exceed your expectations, on time and on budget.



metrica's craftsmen are dedicated to realizing your vision. We offer the broadest range of expertise, including: veneering, upholstery, carving, turning, metalwork, leatherwork, and CNC machining. Please view a sampling, below.

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We know the ideal finish is paramount in every project. metrica is dedicated to the collaborative process required to create your exact vision. We invite you to contact us to begin the process of realizing any look, color and texture you may require.


Decorative Surfaces

metrica has experience with almost any material ever applied to furniture or millwork. This includes; gilding, parchment and other leathers, paper wrapping, eggshell, shagreen, even woven vinyl. We invite you to view samples, below.

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