VCA Travel Policy – August 2020

COVID19 Policy Effective 8.1.2020

Effective August 1, 2020 the state of Massachusetts issued an Out of State Travel Mandate that is applicable to all persons (including Residents) traveling to the Bay State.

While we encourage all of our employees to utilize their personal vacation time to recharge and spend time enjoying their days off, we are strongly suggesting that leisure travel be limited to the low risk states as outlined by

In the event that you choose to travel to a high risk state, you will be furloughed upon your return until such time you can provide us with a negative COVID test result. (COVID-19 sometimes takes 3-4 days to present symptoms.) If you take the test on your fourth day of arrival back in MA and elect to use a rapid testing center to obtain a viral test, VCA will pay for the cost of your same-day exam results. If your test results are negative you can return to work immediately.

VCA will only pay for the cost of your exam if you take the test on your fourth day of arrival back in MA and elect to use a rapid testing center to obtain a viral test.

Here’s a link to testing sites in MA:

We encourage you to call and do your research PRIOR to securing your leisure travel plans. VCA Inc. does not endorse any specific location, nor are we affiliated with such. You are most welcome to use whatever rapid testing site you desire
Viral tests approved or authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are used to diagnose current infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Viral tests evaluate whether the virus is present in respiratory or other samples. Results from these tests help public health officials identify and isolate people who are infected in order to minimize SARS-CoV-2 transmission. (
Please note that even upon your return you must be able answer all health questions each day and maintain a social distance of 6’ at all times from everyone as already established in our COVID Safety policy.
All test results will be kept confidential. In the event of a positive test result, you will be expected to quarantine and seek medical advice as to the next steps. We will provide notification to the state as is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and you can expect a call from contact tracing to assist in the mitigation and reduction of further exposure to others. We will require medical authorization or a negative test for you to return back to work.
Here is a link that tells you what you can expect about COVID19 testing.

Employees should remember that guidance from public health authorities is likely to change as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. Therefore, VCA’s policies and directions are subject to change as a result of the guidance and instruction we receive. Please continue to follow the most current information on maintaining workplace safety.
To obtain reimbursement for the cost of the testing bring your receipt for charges, along with the test copy (in a sealed envelope). The receipt goes to accounting for immediate reimbursement. The sealed copy of your test goes to HR for filing.
Any questions can be directed to HR.